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back Published at: 07/24/09

Upcoming Release of Bad Bad Monkey

Here at Litlapps we are all very excited for the upcoming release of our hilarious new application Bad Bad Monkey. The goal with this application was to make millions of people laugh and fall in love with the character we've imagined.  We all already love him!  

Users will be able to download the Bad Bad Monkey onto their iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android OS phones, such as the G1, free from iTunes or their respective app store. The free version will give people a first glimpse at the Bad Bad Monkey and allow them to get him into differing levels of aggravation. Future content will be released through our in-app store and we will be adding more new and funny content every couple of weeks. We are going to listen closely to customer feedback via our support e-mails and our support links, so please feel free to download Bad Bad Monkey and tell us what you would like to see the monkey do, wear, or go to. We try and listen closely to our customer’s feedback, so your idea just might make it into the game. We think that people are going to love tormenting our naughty little monkey and have tons of fun doing it!  Our tentative release date is November 10th, 2009, so go download it and enjoy!