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End to End architecture
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Expert Integration with your Systems
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We design and build custom enterprise-grade software that connects companies like yours with their clients.

Our solutions are not simple user interface designs; they are end-to-end custom systems professionally designed to incorporate all application layers: responsive user interfaces (UI), web technology, middleware, your enterprise systems integration, your database integration, hardware topology, security, performance.

We Do Awesome Design

End to End Architecture, we minimize the gap between information and its audience.

Creative Freedom Experience

Out of the box thinking at your service. Your software solutions will reflect innovation and your unique company quality branding.

Dedicated Advanced Team

We are a team of experienced Product Strategists, User Experience Designers and Software Developers passionate about software and dedicated to helping our clients solve complex business problems using design and technology

We Do Things Professionally

Years of experience designing and building enterprise systems gives us the professional edge that you deserve in your projects.

Interested in our professional services?

State of the art User Interfaces

Model View Controller Architecture. State of the art UI best practices and technologies. Write Once, Run Everywhere! Desktop, iPads, Smart Phones. Native, or Hybrid Apps.

Secure Expert Integration with Your Systems

We have extensive back end integration experience. Our designs go beyond the UI. To create the best experience for your clients the UI must perform at levels only achievable with the correct back end integration. Including but not limited to IBM WebSphere, Oracle SOA Suite, Microsoft BizTalk, SAP XI/PI/PO, MuleSoft, WSO2, IBM CICS.

We minimize the gap between information and its audience

Your UI ... Your Data. We have extensive exprience in securely bringing the critical information to your clients UI exprience. Information at your clients fingertips maintaing high levels of security and data integrity through business transactions. Offline Operation. Your UI works even the back end systems are offline. We provide the synchonization between UI and back end systems.

A Consistent Quality Customer Experience

Customers expect the same experience every time they interact with your company — whether it be when researching a product, completing a sales transaction, or getting customer service — over all the communication channels that your company offers. LitlApps designs each customer channel delivering the consistent branding and quality experience that your business needs in a unified communications model:

  • Responsive Web and Mobile UIs
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Chat/SMS
  • IVR/Speech

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